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Angličtina - The Czech Republic

Autor: Kateřina Labaničová

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General info:

Geography :

Political system:
The Head of state is The President (currently Václav Havel), the executive power is in hands of The Prime Minister (Miloš Zeman) and his Cabinet. The legislative power belongs to the Parliament of two chambers - the Senate and the House of Commons. Main political parties are : Civil Democrats, Social Democrats, Communists, Union of Liberty, Christian Democrats.


Metallurgy, heavy, mining and chemical industry is very traditional. Quite common is also food, textile and electromechanical industry. Czech Republic is famous for its porcelain and glass. Main coal mining areas are in Most Basin, Kladno Basin and District of Ostrava. Main industrial zones are in Prague, Northern Bohemia and Northern Moravia.

Brief history: