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Angličtina - Book review - Jaro na jídelním lístku

Autor: Martina Motejlková

I am going to talk about a book called Jaro na jídelním lístku. The original title of the book is Springtime on the menu. The book is deviated into different stories. It was published by the Doubleday in 1927a as the 6540 edition. The book has 296 pages.


This book was written by  O-Henry, his own name William Sydney Porter.

He was born in 1862 in Greensboro and died in 1910 in New York.

His father was a doctor. O-Henry had a many jobs for example he worked as a banker as or a chemist.

He issued a magazine  The Rolling Stone.

He was imprisoned and he began to write book there. He wrote about 600 stories. His stories are about people and their life\ s.

He wrote: Cabbages and Kings - Prezidenti a palmy

               The Four Million     -  Čtyři miliony

                Heart of the West   -  Srdce západu

                The Voice of the City- Hlas velkoměsta

                 Roads Destiny       - Cesty osudu


The first stories is Jaro na jídelním lístku. The main charakter are Sara and Walter.

Sara- is young girl, she is very working and nice and beautiful

Walter - he is farmer, he is very working and clever,


Sara rented a room in a house next to the restaurant. She has a lunch there every day. Once she took  a bad menu and she did make new better menu on her typewriter. When she gave the new menu  to the boos of the restaurant he gave her a job. She  was writing menus for each days.  And she got a meal for work every day. When the spring came Sara was thinking of the last summer. When she feel in love with a farmer Walter and they were going to get married this spring. He was supposed to came to New York. Sara was very sad because Walter didn\ t writer any letter to her but it was because he was looking for her in New York for one month already. Once while she was reading a book she heart a deep voice. She ran to the door, where Walter was standing. Finally he found her thanks to those menus she was writing. She was writing in the menu. My dearest Walter with hard-boiled eggs instead of Dandelions with  hard-boiled eggs.





The second story is Fikus story. The main charakter is fikus.

Fikus is very interesting flower, he was sad because he lost his favourite owner.          


It is a story about a fikus which lived in New York. At the beginning the flower had three leaves only. He lived in a sunny room of one singer. Fikus had a nice life. He was watching cars and people in the street. But when the singer moved out of the flat the caretaker of the house gave the fikus to other people. Who changed their home many times. Finally they gave him to their friend. During this time fikus got two new leaves. The new owner cared very badly about the fikus. The new leaves fell down again. New life was boring. Fikus was given a pledge. Once a young girl bought him and put him in her room. She was crying every evening above the flower. She was missing her boyfriend came and they were very happy. They were thinking about their first date under the Magnolia. Poor girl thought the fikus was magnolia and because of that she bought him.


In my opinion the book is funny but sometimes too lengthy. There are a lot of descriptions.     I like the book because the writer is talking about a common life.

But some of his stories are a bit confusing and senseless