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Angličtina - Weather (2009)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   I was born and I live in the centre of Europe. There is a milde clima and there changes four seasons – spring, summe, autumn and winter. The weather is always variable and we can not rely on it.

   The winter is not very cold, it begins on 21. December, but in reality it begins sooner. It is always snowing in Nowember, but the snow melt before Christmas. If you want to see the snow, you should go to the mountain for example to Giant mountains, where you find the highest peak Sněžka, or to Šumava range, Ore mountains, Jizerské mountains.. There you can ski, bild a snowmen or a ice-house. The kids can sledge or trow the snowballs.. In winter days are short and nights are longest. It is usually cold and freezing. The temperature often goes below zero.

    Than the spring comes. This is the most beatiful season. It beginson 21. March. The sun shines warmer and the snow melt. The flower blooms, there is more rains and the days are longer. The weather is variable – it is sometimes cold, but we have more hot springdays. The air is fresh.

   The summer comes on 21. June, for kids it means two months  holydayand for adults too. We wait for cool hot days, but there are also heavy rain or thunderstorm. Therefore it is better, if you go to sea. With the schoolstart the right summer is away, however the autumn comes on 23. September. Many people like the automn, because the nature has a lot of colors. On fruittrees there hang yellow pears and red apples. The grass is yellow and dry. The first leafs fall down and the birds fly in the south. The weather is colder . The mediocre temperature is round 19 degrees.

   The clima has an influence on our nature. We can find leafywood, needlewood and mixedwood here. In our country there are many rivers, for example Labe, Vltava, Morava. The longest river is Vltava, Labe has the biggest area. In south Bohemia there you can find many ponds – the biggest is Rožmberg. 

   The agriculture depends on the weather. In our country there you can  grow potatoes, corn, sugar beet.. I am sorry to say, that our industry, I mean coal-mining industry, has polluted our nature. But in last years our government care for our environment.

   I best like sunny, warm weather with the temperature about 25 degrees. I would like to have this weather all year rond because I could swimm, drive a bicycle and enjoy the sunn. Sunny weather makes me feel happy, optimistic.. I dislike grey skies, cold wind and rain, because you can not spend the freetime out. When it rains I feel tired, sad.. But I mean, when it rains for a long time, not when it rains one day..

   I listen to the forecast, whenever I happen to catch it. It helps me to decide, what to wear, what to plan. But sometimes the weather forecast are not very useful, because often the weather turns out to be quite different from the forecast.

  I thing, that the weather is changing. When I was a child, we had warmer summers, more snow in the winter.. I mean, that when my parents were younger, the weather was more pleasant. I believe, that the climate is slowly changing due to increased carbon dioxide or greater industrial pollution in the atmosphere.

   I thing, that it is funny, that the weather is such a popular conversation topic. It is a useful and easy way of starting a conversation with a stranger..