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Angličtina - Sports and games (2011)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   Sport is for me a hobby. It could be, because my parents have done sport too. I have loved sport since I was a child. In summer we always used to go to Krkonoše mountains, where we could ride a bike or walk. We often used to go to Czech paradise, where we could swimm, walk, ride bicycle or horse, play voleyball or tennis.. In winter we used to go to the mountains to ski, ice skate..

   Today, I visit the fitness centrum and sport hall, where I can do an aerobic or play the ball games. I play the games with my friends at school, but we meet after school too – we often go to sport clubs, where you can play bowling, squash, tennis, mini golf or biliard. On the weekends I always go swimming with my boyfriend. We have training twice a week, but there is no coach, who could drives us hard.. our motivate is, that it is funny. In spring I enjoy jogging, ride bicycle, walking.. Over the summer I do swimming, golf, water-skiing, hiking.. In the autumn months I like my bike, jogging, roller-skating.. During winter I enjoy skiing, ice-skating and I visit the sport hall. I would like to try scuba diving, because it must be very interesting to see the world in the water. I do not like boxing, becuase I find it very dangerous and it hurts. Sometimes, I like to play sport myself, because I hope it improves myself. Sometimes, when I am tired, I prefer watching sport on Tv, especially Eurosport ( I watch ice.skating or skiing or extreme sports). I thing, that sports also provide an opportinity for teamwork, cooperation and goodwill. I like team sports and I also enjoy an individual sports like athletics or gymnastics.

    I visit the grammar school, there we have two sports lessons. We should be separate in two groups – girls and boys. But in our class there are just three boys, therefore we are together. We put on our sport dress and the teacher notes, who is missing. Then we warm up. Every lesson we do something other to be not bored. After the lesson we have a shower. 

    Why do we sport? Sport is a good hobby. It keeps you frish and helps develop skill, strenght and alertness. It is the moment, when you can produce your energie and you can meet new people, who have the same hobby and are interested in the same things. Sport is the moment, when you can forget your daily troubles and you can relax..

   I thing, that in our city there we have much opportunities to do sport. There you can find two sport halls, five fitness centrums, swimming pool, winter stadion.. There is just one problem – it could be expensive for many people, because I live in an area, where are many people, who are not emloyed.

   The world championschip are Olympic games. The Olympic committee has a suit in Switzerland in the city called Lausanne. The symbol of the Olympic games is the olympic flag and the olympic fire. The flag is white and there are five circles with different colours. Every circle symbolizes one continent. The olympic fire is lighted on the peak Olymp and it symbolizes the start of the Olympic games. We have two part of the games – summer and winter OG. It is repead every four years.