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Angličtina - Social problems (2008)

Autor: Lucie Viktorie Lekešová

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What i am most worried about is the poverty and famine in the Third World. I have seen a movie about this topic, it was the Beyond Borders. It took place in Ethiopia and then in Vietnam. It had touched me very strongly because I could see the people suffer. There were children dying and birds were browsing them alive.. One reason of this may be the former colonies of the United Kingdom, France, Spain and other colonial states, which used their colonies only as sources and did not support their economy. However, there is another reason – there are conflicts among tribes that often finish like a bloody war.

Now developed states are trying to help to supply money for food and the basic needs of the people but I think the most important thing is that people from Africa and other poor states should realize

that work is more important than war.

I am also very concerned about political situation in the Close East, I mean the Iraq. I really don’t agree with the war that the United States of America are waging. I don’t think that the war can solve ther problems in there, but I am afraid there is another reason. In Iraq there are natural assets like for example oil, which is very advantageous fot the Americans.

As regards to ecological problems I see the most serious the air pollution, because air is something we breathe and we need it necessarily for life. The air pollution can also lead to the greenhouse effect.

Personally I try to recycle paper and glass and to save water and electricity. I prever to take a trolley to drive a car when possible.

Another problem can be drug or alcohol abuse which can lead to inceased criminality, broken families and at the end to destroyel lives. Because of these reasons I think drugs shouldn’b be lagalised in any case.

If talking about ceratin sexual practices, such as homosexuality or prostitution, they aren’t worrisome beacuse they arent harmful to other people. It only touches the person who is doing it. It depends on each only person. However, I am more disturbed about other sexual problem in society, for example rape, child sexual abuse, children pornography… These are serious problems of today’s world and should be strictly punished.