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Angličtina - Shopping (2010)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   I thing, that we have much possibilities, where to shopping, today. In the city, there are usually department store, supermarket, bakery, clothier, bookshop, chemist, jaweller, newsagent, papershop, sweetshop, toy-shop, greengrocer, shoe shop,.. In the country there is it not so easy, however everybody has a car today, or they can go by traffic, so nobody can complain.

   When I have a good mood, than shopping is for me a pleasure, because I like to have new and modern things. But I often shop, because I have to. For example when I need something for the school and I do not have free time, I have to go, because I must choose it alone. When I have a money, I enjoy buying gifts for my family, for example I often come home with a flower for my mother, besauce I know, that she will be happy and pleasure. I like to by some clothes for me, for I like to feel comfortable and to look pretty. I especially like Christmas shopping, because I am happy, when the people, who I like, have a joy. I always buy in small shops, becuase the department stores are crowded. But when I need to spare my time, I buy in  a supermarket or department store, because there you have all under one roof and there is big choice. The things there are usually cheap but not godd quality. I dislike, that there are many people, who are nervous. And the shop assistants are not very polite. But in small shops they are polite and they often give you an advice. I thing, that the best are walkingareas, where you can enjoy both the sightseeing and shopping or window shopping.

   My parents like shopping too. My mother goes on a big grocery shopping trip twice a week an d I usually help her. We go to the supermarket, where we buy food and drinks. My father always has free time on a weekend, so they go to the citytown or anywhere, where they buy other things, we need. For example something for our car or flat.. My brother just likes shopping, when we buy something for him. It is boring for him.

   Many people, who feel, that they do not have time to go shopping, choose products from catalogues. They just fill out the order form, specify the type, colour and size, and then mail their order. In just a few days or weeks, the new products arrive in the mail.

   I thing, that by the shopping there is the publicity very important, for the people are very lazy. They do not want to decide, what products are good, they want to hear it. Nevertheless I hope, that many people compared the products and they  talk to their friends about their experiences. The publicity is everywhere, but we should be independent.