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Angličtina - Nature and environment

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   The environment is all around us. It consist of the flora, fauna, the water, the air and the earth. However, humans do not always care for the environment as they should. People tend to prefer their own convenience and luxury over healthy natural environment. People want more cars, bigger hauses, the latest computer technology, and packaget foods, etc. to make their life more comfortable. All of this growth pollutes nature and the environment. We can divide pollution into three categories: Air pollution, Soil pollution, Water pollution.

   Air pollution:

   Air is essential for life – not only for humans, but also for animals and plants. Although all living begins share the air, only people pollute. Traffic plays a largerole in the creation of air pollution. The auto industry is booming. Cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and aeroplanes are an integral part of our contemporary way of life. They all produce exhaust, which often gets trapped in the cities due to the wind currents created by the cityscape, causing smog in heavy congested areas. Another factor is heavy industry. Some factories emit So2 and the wind spreads it in all directions. When So2 mixes in the air with rainwater it causes acid rain. Acid rain pollutes the water and the soil.

   Ground and water pollution:

   Acid rain makes trees grow more slowly, they grow old too quickly and then they die. It is very aggresive. Factories and power plants do not pollute only the air alone, but also the ground and water. Many factories do not have an efficient cleaning systém and they discharge their waste into the water systém. The ground and the water are also polluted by normal households. In the majority of houses, chemical based cleaning products are used. People often do not separate their trash or recycle and they waste energy and water.

   The Hole in the Ozone layer:

   The ozone layer in the atmosphere serves as a filter for the sun. Due do not damage to this layer, there is an increase in skin cancer. Furthermore, it is believed that the hole in the ozone layer causes changes in the weather patterns. The hole was caused by the industrial and technological way of life of this century and it is getting larger.

   What can we do?

   Although the ecological crisis of our time is very serious, each individual can make a difference by making changes in their daily lives.

   Some actions we can také are as follows:

-          Separate and recycle your trash: Bio, paper, glass, plastic and metals.

-          Do not waste water. Také shower instead of baths.

-          Do not waste electricity. Switch off the lights, radio.. when you are not using them.

-          Recycle used batteries.

-          Bike when possible or use public transportation.

-          Grow plants and trees.


   In the world there are many environmental organisations:

   Greenpeace – it is an international organisation which fights against pollution.

   The Green Party – a world wide political party which is independently represented in the Czech Republic.