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Angličtina - My Town - Most

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Most is situated in Northern part of Bohemia. It was found on a fertile land between the Ore mountains and the last hills of Middle mountains in a place, where as long as can be remembered, paths lead along large lake. Yet from that time it bore the name of Most. From the Latin chronicle of canon Kosma, comes the first news, describing the battle at a place Pons in August 1040. Hněvin is a hill dominating the town, which was crowned until half of the 17th century by a gothic castle. This castle was destroyed after the Thirty year war.
The settlement becomes a town somewhere around 1250, the exact date cannot today be determined, because the foundation document was not conserved. Knights of the Cross with the red star, settles here. In the 13th and 14th century the town gains its gothic ground plan, which today is still to be seen and expands greatly. Deans church was a pearl of early gothic architecture. Our city was the metropolis of a fertile agriculture area, producing wine, hops grain and fish. After the terrible fire in 1455 the rebuilding of the town walls begins and after the second large fire in 1515, which nearly destroyed the whole town, we see marked changes in the architecture.
Industrial coal mining changes the looks of the district and the life of inhabitants. The fact, that coal is to be found here was known from the beginning of 15th century. But it is only individual mining on small scale, which is no importance in the industrial relief of the district. The railway track, which connected the coal basin with the tranship center on the river Labe brought a great changes of structural enterprise.
Thousands and thousands of workers from poor countries are coming here. The town spreads to new quarters. The tram is introduced . In 1918 is created Czechoslovakia Republic. After "Black Thursday" in 1929 in world begin wave of crisis. In 1932 is in Most "Large strike" directed by communistic party - in this region is this party very powerful. After second world war is town typical mine-town. In 70th years it begins to speak about destroy of old town and building new Most. In 1980 old Most was destroy for great base of coal under it and it is started building of new town. It is transferred church too.
New Most is typical modern city. We have in our town many shops, parks and very nice and famous theater. If I want see some film, I can go to our cinema. I think, is interesting, that out theater receive award for architecture plan. Our town is typical for it s estate of blocks of flats. It bring us many problems - we haven t got for example so much parks or we haven t got real historical center. If I say, that I go to the center, I mind, that I go to area near our shopping center Prior. Most is connected now with chemical industry - near is big chemical factory Chemopetrol. Many inhabitants of Most work here - my father too. This factory bring us many work opportunity and problems too. I can speak about bad environment in our region. I like cycling and if I cycle during autumn, I have problems with my breathing, because air is very bad.
In despite of out town isn t so nice such as Prague, I like it. I was born there I have many friends here.