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Angličtina - My free time and hobbies (2011)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   Free time is the time, when we are not neither in the school nor in the work. We can do everything we like. Most of the free time we have on weekend.

   A lot of my time is spent at the grammar school, where I study. As a result I do not have much time to spare during the week, especially when you consider the time spend on homework and to prepare for my lessons. I can only really enjoy my spare time during the weekend.

   I have much hobbies. I collect puzzles, which I hang in my room. I enjoy making things, so I do clay modelling with my younger brother. I like to draw pictures and listen to music. I would like to play the piano, because I like to listen this sound. I need exercise, so I go to a fitness club, play sports. I sit a lot at school, so in my free time I like to walk, jog or swim. Walking in the open air is relaxing for me. I like to go to the park, woods or river bank. I like to take hikes in the mountains, where we have a cottage, or throught forests and along a river. I enjoy going to movies, plays, concerts. I like to visit museums, art galleries.. I hope, that the best is, if you go to Prague, because there you can find everything.

   I thing, and the people say, that I am a sociable human, therefore I like to go to large parties with lots of action, music and dancing.. It is cool, for you can meet new people there. But, when I would like to be with my close friends, I like smaller get-togethers, where my friends and I can talk, play games, listen to music.. I am a little moody, so sometimes I prefer to go to someones house and be with a few close friends, or to go to a reataurant with two or three others. I should say, that I dislike lots of smoke, thus we always decide to go there, where there is an air-conditioning.

 My family likes sport. As my father was young, he played ice-hockey. My mother devoted to gymnastics. In summer we usually go swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, jogging,.. We enjoy playing football or tenis. I am glad, that our city gives us opportunitis. We can visit the sporthall, curts, bath.. In winter we always go to the mountain, where we can sky, ice-skate, play ice-hockey, build a snowmen or. Nearly from our cottage, there are ski slopes, rink.. When there is not good weather we enjoy social games like chess, cards.. I like it, but I do not often win..

   In the school we have sport-lessons twice during the week. I thing we enjoy team games such as volleyball, baseball.. I do not like to participate in team sport such as football, floorball and basketball, because I have to run a lot and I find it dangerous. I enjoy individual sport like gymnastics and aerobic.

   I would like to speak about a hobby, which I find very important. It is reading. It gives us informations, develop our education and imagination. In the last time, I have not read much, because I prepared for my exam, nevertheless I took a newspaper og magazine every day to do not forget. However I reod a lot on a holiday. My favoutire writer is Erich Maria Remarque. But I like the books of others writers too. I like Remarques books, because he shows me, how looked the war.. I find it intertesting.