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Angličtina - My Favourite place (2008)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   I thing that everybody\ s favourite place is a home.. Because  it is the place where you grew up, where you live.. and it is the place where you are safe and you feel there something charming.. it is full of your memoryes.. I live with my parents in a block of flats. We have three rooms, the chicken and a balcon with a view on the city. The house is situated in the suburbs. When I come home, I feel the right atmosphere.. I know that there is somebody who is waiting for me who loves me.. My home is my relax centre. I like the moment, when I am sitting in my room and I am listening the radio, or I am sitting by the table, writing and looking from the window, where I see a forest, which has other colour every day..

   I mean, that we can just love the places, which we know. I am romantic and when I have a good mood I go alone or with someone to the nature.. Because the Nature is the most beautiful place in the world. It changes its faces and has a lot of parts, so it has a surprise for everyone. I like the forest behind our house. As a small child, I went there with my parents or grandparents. Ve have played there games like hide- and- seek and we have done there picnics.. My parents like it up to the present day.. Sometime we go walk and do it again.. My favourite place not far off my home is a rock by the barrier, which is situated behind our city. I always sit there on the stone and look on our city, old factory, forest, small river..and I thing there about me, my life..

   When I want to be with people I go into town. There are a lot of shops, where I can buy something, which makes me happy. There is a park, where I can relax by the public fountain. Or I can go to the Kaffeebar, Sweetshop..

   Behind our city there is a castle Červený hrádek with beautiful garden. You can visit the castle, where you find photos of our city, statues of wood.. We have there always a celebration, public meeting or we can see a theatre there.. Behind the garden, there is a large park, where you can do a picnic, play tenis or football..

   I thing, that one thing is very immportant here, that are the people around you.. If you are with your family, your friends or with someone who is symphatic – you must be satisfied and in this moment it is not interesting for you, where you are, because you like every part of the world..