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Angličtina - My favourite czech town (2006)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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   I would like to write about the city, where I was born and have spent a long period of my life, because i live there still. I have lived in a medium-sized town called Jirkov. This city will you find in north of Bohemia. It is situated by Chomutov. Jirkov has 20000 inhabitants. You can find here beautiful historical town centre. On the square there are banks, posts, Sweetshop, bakery, chemists, and a lot of small shops. Im the middle of the squar there is a Church of St. Jiljí. All houses were corrected. The public services include the town offices, a police station.. Our town has two public library, old peoples home. We have a policlinic, where work doctors, dentists. The nearest hospital from our place is in Chomutov, which is 50 Km away. When we will go 1 Km behind the town we will find a castle, which name is Red castle. It was builded in 13. centures. We can find here photos of our town, statues of wood.. and here is big garden with large park too. Near to where we live is a swimming area. Between Jirkov and Chomutov there is Alums lake, which has special constitution of water, which has curative effect. Nearly we can visit Woodpark, where they care about 600 kind of animals.

   Our city can offer various cultural, educational, work opportunities. Although the place where we live has no theatres, we can see theater-performances on ous castle. I thing that it has more special atmosphere. We have an art gallery, cinema. In our town we have three basic schools and one high school. The nearest grammar schoool is in Chomutov. Our region also has a university, technical school, language school. Industries in our region include agriculture, output of coal. There is also manufacturing of furniture, clothing, glass. So we have a lot of opportunities, where we can find a job.

   When we have freetime, we can see sightseeings or we can visit recreational places. Our town has a fottball stadion, tennis courts, an ice rink.. Summer holiday activites, such as canoeing, fishing, swimming, are available. There are cycling ways..For winter recreation, our region offers skiing, ice hockey..  We have a sport hall, where you can play voleyball, basketball, tennis, or do an aerobic.. all the year round. Here are also o lot of restaurants, clubs.. So you can do what you want.

   The life-environment in our city is not bad. The streets are clean, we recycle bottles and cans.. But the environment by coal-mine need our help.