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Angličtina - My favourite book (2007)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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When I was a child, my father read me books of tales, before I fell asleept. Nevertheless I do not have a lot of free time, reading is my hobby. I prefer non-fiction reading, for example, books about history, travel, people.. I find this kind of reading inspiring and educational. Sometimes I feel, that I would like to develop my imagination, therefore I enjoy reading adventure stories. I have any favourite writer, because I read, what I like at the moment. What I choose – it depends on my mood. I like to read books from different periods – I do not favour any particular time in history. It can be, I prefer modern literature, because it speaks more to me. I think, that some of the best works were written in Renaissance (Shakespeare) and during the World Wars (Remarque, Joseph Heller, Kafka..). I will tell you about the book, which I read last year, and which left an impression in myself. This book was written in 1920 by Romain Rolland. He was a prose-writer, musical scientist, biographer and a representative of humanism. He got a Nobel award. I read his psychologic novelette, which name is Petr and Lucie. This story takes place in Paris in the period of first WW ( from Wednesday on 30. January to Big Friday on 29. March in 1918). Petr is 18 years old. He studies and his father is a judge. Lucie paints the pictures like the famous painters and she is the doughter of a workwoman. Petr and Lucie meet in the subway during the air-raid and lately they meet in the city town by chance. They become friends and than they fall in love.. They do not admit the danger of the war, which is absurd and they forget the suffering. Nevertheless Petr will go to the army in half of year, he try to do not think about it and enjoy the sweet moments with Lucie.. They get married in a church on Big Friday. „My friend, I am engaged with him befor you. Put us together. You see our hearts.“ They died tragic, during the organs concert in the church of St. Gervaisa, they stood there and embraced each other, during the air-raid.., under the wrecks of pillar, against which they leant, and which fell down on them.. and buried them. I think, that this book is a symbol of the desperate protest up stream the war and the loss of innocent lifes. The writer denounces the war and shows us, that the human hearts are stronger then the absurd killing. This novelette is disposition on contrasts, for example the war and the love, or life and death. We can read some considerations about the life there. I think, that the writer was inspired by bombing of Paris on Big Friday in 1918, because there were his friends as victims. When I should say, which attitude towards war Petr and Lucie had.. Petr does not understand the sense of the war. He puts his trust in the relationship with Lucie. He is an idealist. And there is an influence from his mother, who likes religionist. Lucie sees the world a little otherwise, because she ceres about herself for the whole life. She takes love as the sense of the life and she is very sensitive.. I think, that we should not forget, that war is disaster..