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Angličtina - London

Autor: Kateřina Labaničová

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General information. London, the capital of United Kingdom is situated in the southeastern part of England. It covers area of 610 square miles and has some 8, 000, 000 inhabitants. London can be divided into two parts: the City of London (commercial and business center) and the City of Westminster (historical center).

Londinium was founded in 44 AD by Romans and made it the capital of province Britannia. After Romans left in 5th century London still kept it s privileged position. Later, after battle at Hastings (1066) the famous Norman king William the Conqueror came to Britain and chose London as his seating city. Other famous occasion afflicted London in 1666 - the great fire that destroyed the city (but nobody was killed). The new London we know today with wide paved streets and stone buildings was built by Sir Christopher Wren.

Places of interest.

Of course this was just a segment of what London can offer to you. Thousands of sights, galleries and museums, millions of stores, kind people, green parks you can have a rest in… To me London stays one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bustling with life, hosting people of many nations, races, cultures. You can explore London for ages and you will never know it all.