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Angličtina - Free time

Autor: Tomáš Vostrý

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Many people have things or activities, which usually do in own free time. Some of them prefer sports activities, some of them like cultural performances, other people prefer reading of interesting books. My hobbies are changed with my age. When I was a little boy, I often played with toys – cars, with lego, train set. After that, I discover sport. And I fell in love with sport. I spent a plenty of hours behind my house, where I played various ball games with my friends or we played street hockey. I did not want go to home, and my mother had to bellowed at me. Sport is the only activity, which I like do to today. But I have never done sport for money, sport is for me kind of relaxation. But sport is not only way of pleasure, is good for our health. Is it very sad, that many boys and girls have problems with health, because they do not engage in sport. I prefer first summer’s sports (cycling, mountain climbing, tennis), because a do not like winter. In neighbourhood of Most I have several good cycling routes, so I look forward summer, I oil and repair my bike and make a bike trips around Most. I do not play tennis often, because I am very good in it and nobody wants play with me. When is my family in holiday, we make mountain climbing trips. It is very hard kind of sport activity, we cover many kilometres during days and I am very happy, when we come home again. My legs have problems more days after that. In winter I am typical Czech person. I only sit in my room and watching TV programs. I played some computer games or work on internet. Sometimes I read some interesting book. At last time I read book by Erich Maria Remarque and I was fascinate it. But most popular activity in my free time is sleeping. When I have a few free moments, I quickly run to my bed. It is famous bodily process in Czech republic. It is also reason, why are Czech people so blubbery. I would like to visit theatre in our town frequently then present days, but I have not time and partner for it. I saw some of school performances and I think, that theatre in Most has high quality and good role players. My generation prefer rather films, which are screened in cinema. But I said: Theatre is theatre. Because Most is situated near mountains, a lot of inhabitants spend spare time there. Is also good idea, but in winter there are a plenty of visitors and I do not recommend it for everybody. When you do not like waiting, you do not go there. I am not good at skiing (I can not it), so I was in mountain only one-time. My body survived it, but I would not to repeat it. I may not forget to music. Music is my devoted “comrade” in free time. I listen songs of my popular singers or groups as Madonna, The Corrs and The Beatles. Sometimes I listen also classic music. And it is everything about my free time activities. I think, that my hobbies are same as yours. ,