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Angličtina - Culture (2010)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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  I think that the basic and importent thing is what do you imagine if I would like to hear something about the culture. It is everything – literature, music, theater, film, your lifestyle..

   Every part of the world has each culture. The culture is depend on which habits and traditions the people have. If you would like to learn new culture you should look at the mirror of the culture, I mean it is the history. The easiest thing is to visit some national museums, theaters, capital cities, sightseeings..

   If I had to describe the czech culture and our nation, it would be not easy. In culture there is the language very important. In the begining of the 19. century there were many people who prefered the german culture. And there lived many people who wanted to show that the czech language is good, therefore National revival started. Since this time there were czech schools, books, theaters.. I thing that the czech country has much traditions, some from them are religious (Christmas, Easter..). In the history there was a big influence on our culture from the other countries which we borde. I think that the WWs were very important because it has changed the meaning of the people. They saw this human disaster and have changed their priorities. Today we want to show that our culture is interesting and it is good to know it. But I am a little afraid because we have entered in the EU and they want to change our agriculture, industry.. our lifes.

   The multimedias have big influence on peole. That is Tv, radio, internet, literature..

   In general, I think that the programmes on Tv are worthwhile, informative, uplifting but I feel that many programmes are too violent and crude. My favourite programmes are nature films, travel documentaries, sporting events, because I can learn something new. Sometimes I watch quiz shows because I want to know what I know. I watch news, I believe some news reporting is truthful and objective but I know that reporting can be sensational. What I never look that are political talkshows, because I do not find them interesting and sometimes it is hard to understand it. I do not like advertising too. It is good to know which products are new, but the number of ads is too great. I am annoyed when I am watching on Tv and there is an advertising in the middle of programme. But it is good if you have to go to the toilet or to have a dring. I thing I could live without Tv. Instead of watching Tv, I would go out. Sometimes it is nice to watch a comedy which makes better your mood. When I want to see some film I often go to the cinema, it has greate atmosphere.

m  But I should say that it is better for me to watch some film of a writter that to read the book. As a small childe I liked reading. Today I do not want to have a time to reading. 

 I like music. I often listen the radio or visit the concerts with my friends. My favourite kinds of music are metal and rock. I like to listen it when I want ralex or cheer up. But I listen to several different types of music. The choice of music depends on the mood that I am. I do not really have a favourite music group. At present, I do not play an instrument, thought I would like to play the piano. The reason is that I do not have time to practise.