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Angličtina - Clothes and fashion (2009)

Autor: Lucie Veselková

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 There is an old saying which may be translated as „Clothes Make the Man“, meaning in other words, you can judge a person by the clothes he or she wears. Today, it is not true, because the fashion trends are changing every moment. The fashion is often deliberately set by top fashion designers, who always want to be one step ahead and come up with something new, that would appeal to common taste and sell well. Then there are styles of clothing and hair, which come into being in different cultures.

The „hippie movement“ of the 1960 United States, for example, was more of a social and political protest of young Americans against the values cherished by the generation of their parents. Nevertheles, the „hippie style“ has become extremely influential in the course of time. The loose, baggy clothes, floral patterns and beads have been turned into luxurious wear but, at the same time, stayed popular with those, who could not care less what is „in“ at the moment.

In the 1980s appeared a group of people, who were named „Indie kids“. They presented the elegant ways of the New Romantics and decided to react in their own way. They showed off their lack of money by buying clothes from second.hand shops. But everything had to be either too large or too small, simply not fitting.

The interesting thing about fashion is that it is unpredictaple. What may be extremely popular now will be discarted soon, only to reappear in a modified form in ten years.. Fashion lives a life of its own. It is very hard to control as it depends so much on popular taste and no one cen really know its next whereabouts. The fashion designers still look back for inspiration. However, things never repeat in the same way, as the designers can draw on a wide range of possibilities for different features of a particular fashion of the past.

Our attitudes toward fashion and clothes we wear vary dramatically. Some people dress to show their social status, theit good or bad taste, some want to belong to a certain group.. And than, there are those who do not care. They siply wear some clothes to be warm and comfortable.

However, there are occasions, when we must forget about our preferences in clothing and conform with the tradition or generally accepted standarts. If you go to the wedding, funeral or graduation, you should wear a suit and tie or dress (for women). If you work in the bank or you are a businessman or you will visit a theatre, you should look handsam.. But if you go shopping, for a walk.. You can wear something like jeans and jumper..

The most comfortable clothes for me are jeans, T-shirt and sweather, but I also like to wear skirt and jumper.. For me boots or trainers are the most comfortable footwear, sometimes I wear high heels.. it is depend on my mood. The colours that suit me best are red, because I have red face, blue, because I have blue eyes or brown, because I have brown hair. A colour that does not suit me at all is black.

When I dress nicely, I feel more self-confident. Overall, I thing that your clothes do influence our success in life. If we want to make a good impression, our clothes should be clean, modest, neat..

The clothing could be very expensive, but you can do shopping, when there are sales in shops. Sometimes, when I need some inspiration, I look on Fashion TV. I thing, it is more important to feel comfortable than to follow the last fashion.