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Angličtina - Australia

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General info:

States: New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), Queensland (Brisbane), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth), Tasmania (Hobart)
Territories: Northern Territory (Darwin), Australia Capital Territory (Canberra)

Geography :
The world s smallest continent and largest island. It is also the flattest continent on average 200m above sea level

Political system:
Australia is British Dominion, that means that the head of state is the British monarch - now Queen Elizabeth II. She is represented by Governor General. The executive power lays in hands of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The legislative power belongs to the Parliament of two chambers - Senate (76 men - 12 of each state, 2 of each territory) and House of Representatives (148 members individually voted). Each Australian state has its own constitution and governor. The main parties are: Australian Labour Party, Liberal Party, National Party, Australian Democrats.

Agriculture :

In connection with sheep breeding Australia has highly developed textile industry. Also food, chemical, heavy and metallurgical industry is very good. Australia has rich natural deposits - esp. coal, iron ore and bauxite (1st in the world with 32% of world production).

Brief history :